Over the summer, members of the Canadian Club of Halton Board explored ways to; 1) reduce the work effort in managing events, 2) provide greater convenience to register for events, and 3) reduce our banking and related credit card processing fees. We are pleased to say we made good progress in all three areas.

Now you can pay online (or use e-transfers) to register in advance of an event! E-transfers will go directly in to the CCH account rather than to Barry which was our past practice.

Out website has been upgraded to a “secure” site. You’ll note a little lock icon next to our URL name. This means there is an SSL certificate in place that ensures all transactions are encrypted, meaning we can now accept credit card payments via the website. You should always look for the lock on any website if you are entering personal or credit card information.

You will find a link on the speaker’s information page, a blue button “Purchase Tickets”. You can also click on “Tickets” on the main menu. Once you have completed your information, you can indicate if you wish your information to be securely stored, so you don’t need to enter it each time. You will set a password to log in to the secured area for next time.

Treasurer Spence Williams commented “by utilizing technology we are able to provide more convenience to our members and guests. When you purchase your tickets online, you will receive an email confirmation, and we receive a registration confirmation.” You will still be able to pay at the event as in the past, but our goal is to reduce the number of transactions at the event. “The more we can automate our registration process helps reduce the administrative work involved with each event” commented Barry Wylie, President of the Canadian Club of Halton. Making online payments by credit card or e transfers will eliminate standing in line to have your transaction processed the night of the event.

In addition to online purchase of event tickets for members and guests, we have also included the ability to purchase memberships. You will still receive an email from Barry advising your membership is due for renewal, then visit the site to make your payment. You can do a membership renewal and purchase event tickets on the same transaction.

These changes will allow us to be more efficient while reducing banking fees. Keeping expenses to a minimum helps keep membership fees as low as possible.