David Galbraith – Member Ticket


David Galbraith Member Ticket(s) – October 24, 2019




“Natural and Cultural Heritage in our Landscape: Connecting People, Plants and Stories at RBG”

RBG, Canada’s largest botanical garden, is a National Historic Site with 300 acres of gardens & parks and 2400 acres of protected nature sanctuaries that include some of the richest areas of Canada for natural biodiversity.

RBG has seen many influences and can tell many stories, from the sustainable use of the land by indigenous peoples over the last 10,000 years to the arrival of settlers and the rise of farming, industry, and transportation.

The stories of the origins of RBG in the 1920s and 1930s, its early development, and its current design and uses, are rich and varied, and speak to visionary city-building efforts and trends. David Galbraith will highlight some of the stories that can be read today in RBG’s sweeping landscape, and suggest how these stories can shape the future of nature in urban areas.

David joined RBG in 1995 and has served as Head of Science since 2006, cultivating research relationships with universities and overseeing the institution’s own research, archives, and herbarium collection.