Authenticity: A Guide to Living in Harmony with Your True Self is the fascinating subject and title for the 5th book written by Oakville’s Dr. David Posen, MD, best-selling author and motivational speaker and consultant on stress and change management. The Canadian Club of Halton enjoyed a near-record turnout of well over 200 guests, excited to hear Dr. Posen share his expertise and some stories from his recently published book. Dr. Posen’s 4 previous books include The Little Book of Stress Relief, translated into seven languages, and Is Work Killing You?, profiled in media outlets across North America.

Drawing on real-life examples from over 30 years in his stress management practice, Dr. Posen has identified five common problem areas that can lead to anxiety and unhappiness – personality traits, time and speed, sleep deprivation, values conflicts, and neglected passions.

Authenticity was a challenging book to write, he said. It is difficult to be yourself, and getting an introduction to one’s self can take time! It is, however, an opportunity to “listen to your body, understand your mind and make better choices in your life.” As Dr. Posen so cleverly pointed out “Pavarotti did not sing soprano and it is easier to ski down a hill”. He says that people are often disconnected from who they are, draining energy from their lives.

Do you know what gives you energy and what robs you of your energy? Dr. Posen spent time on two types of people, Introverts and extroverts. As an example he said that actor Robin Williams was actually an introvert – no matter how extroverted he appeared in action. As an introvert, recovery time is required to stay balanced. This can help to explain the behaviour of ourselves and loved ones, as there is an optimal level of mental arousal for every person. The world would be a healthier place if we would try not to influence others to be what we want them to be and allow them to be their authentic selves. It would also be useful for us to realize that when we are going our fastest, we cannot go any faster!

Dr. Posen’s recipes for life also include finding the ultimate sleep patterns for you. Too many people underestimate the number of hours of sleep that they need every night. He also encourages us to find and follow our passions – instead of our pensions. And take time to be bored – that’s when creativity can kick in! If we could discover the parts of our lives that have taken away our authenticity, we could have an entirely new experience.

All this and much more can be found in Dr. Posen’s new book, Authenticity.

Article courtesy of Janet Bedford.

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